Hi! I’m Hélène

(pronounced EH-len…don’t worry, I’ll still answer even if you can’t get it quite right)

Dog-sport coach, trainer, and competitor in multiple dog sports, I’m here to help you become the trainer your dog needs you to be…

…and, in the process, to become be the handler you’ve always dreamed of being.

Frustrated by your dog’s behaviour? Not sure how to get past the barking, zooming, over-arousal, or shutting down, sniffing, and quitting?

I’ve got you covered. With over 30 years of experience training and working with dogs (given that I’m only 29, and holding, that means I’ve been doing this work since before birth) I’ve experienced it all.

Not only that, I’ve made every mistake in the book, and figured out how to fix it. Yes, you can fix it. (No, you didn’t break your dog).

Using science-based (+R) methods, we can bring back the joy and turn your teamwork into a thing of beauty.

Paralyzed by overwhelm, anxiety, or confusion?

I eat that sh*t for breakfast. You can too. For real. With sprinkles on top. Let me show you how. [ADD: link to waitlist for MHM course] (This work will not only transform your dog training and handling, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE).

Herding curious? Keen to work stock using +R methods?

Yes, using +R methods to train your dog to work livestock IS possible! I’m doing it. You can too.

I’ve spent the last five years of my life unpacking the mysteries of training a stockdog to be a confident, effective partner using positive reinforcement-based methods for teaching the fundamental skills. [ADD: link – take my foundation course]


A group of Hélène’s dogs gather for a photo. Starting at top and going clockwise: Griffon, Kes, Hannah, Raven, Holly, Desirée, and Clayton.

Hélène works with Shandy and Heidi on foundation herding skills.