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Train with Hélène

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Hélène got her first dog, a border collie named Jake, in 1989 and has been training dogs ever since. Over the years, she has explored obedience, search and rescue, protection sports, rally, tricks, and freestyle, among others. She discovered agility in 2004, and herding in 2005.

6-Week Classes

Oct 1, 2020

Beyond the Click: Adventures in +R2.0

What People are Saying

about learning with Hélène Lawler

“What I love most about Hélène’s class and her coaching style in general? Her amazing ability to lead her students through that very complex and sometimes difficult process of exploring one’s beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Although it was sometimes hard to face my beliefs, with Hélène’s guidance I always felt like I could do it, step by step, and it always felt logical and easy.

Her ability to make even difficult things doable is a great gift for her students! Her feedback is always kind, supportive, encouraging, brilliant, detailed and personalized. Hélène’s tools for manipulating arousal are easy to learn and can be used anywhere and anytime. Yet they are very powerful and I can even use them to influence other dog’s arousal states from a distance. I‘ve learned a lot which is super helpful not only in dog training, but also in daily life, and that has helped me grow as a human being!”

— Susanne Handwerk —